12 Reasons why you should not miss Aberdeen Mela 2017

Aberdeen Mela – One World Day 2017 is getting closer and we want to show you why you should definitely give it a try.

1. Because you will never see Westburn Park more colourful and alive.

14329942_560643997452721_5318199952969711062_n (2).jpg

2. Because of the fantastic musicians and dancers performing all day long.


3. Because kids just love it.


4. Because of the wonderful Oriental cuisine you will try.


5. Because it is a great opportunity to meet so many friendly people who live in our community.


6. Because of the exotic and precious crafts you will be able to admire and purchase.


7. Because of the many beauty opportunities.


8. Because you will be able to learn from such a variety of artists who live in our city.


9. Because you can bring here all your family and friends for free!!


10. Because we want to show how multicultural, open, and tolerant Aberdeen is!


11. Because no matter who you are, where you are from, or how old you are, you will be welcome!


12. Because summer here is too short and we should celebrate it as we deserve!


So, if we have finally convinced you, don’t forget that Aberdeen Mela 2017 will be on the 30th July at Westburn Park. See you soon!


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