The touching Journey of this Scotswoman to Islam

I wanted to highlight the touching story of Maya Wallace, a Scottish woman who began her journey to embrace Islam as her religion. Due to very common stereotypes and prejudices, her transformation was perceived as shocking! However it is more common than we think and her story highlights how it is the perfect match to her morals and philosophy.

Maya Wallace grew up in a non-religious Scottish family and through school learned about many different religions in RMPS studies – except she noticed that there wasn’t much information on the religion of Islam! She was curious and so started looking for answers to the questions she had about her own faith. I would recommend checking out this video and listening to Maya’s whole journey.

She started working with Muslims at a call centre and after some time, she realised her preconceptions were completely misleading. She discovered that they were peaceful and loving people who became her best friends. From this moment her journey to convert to Islam started.

This story shows how there is much more beyond stereotypes, clothes, or races, and how we should look at each person as a rich and deep individual.

Aberdeen Mela, which will take place on the 30th of July at Westburn Park, will be a great opportunity to celebrate and promote multiculturalism and diversity in Scotland, having fun, meeting new people, and improving our community!

Hope to see you all there!


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