The Aberdeen Mela – One World Day at AIYF is proud to present:


1385457_10151902508008094_1209777993_nSandyman is a well known musician and TV presenter within the Asian and International community. Musically trained in India and with influences from Bangladesh, Sandyman regularly scores music for various musical concerts, albums in the UK and Europe. Sandyman also studied under musical maestros Pandit Anindo Chatterjee, Pandit Tarun Bhattacharya, and Pandit Ajay Chakravarty. In 2003 & 2004 Sandyman was invited to Sir Paul McCartney’s private residence where he performed exclusive Indian Music. Sandyman is based in London and is the favourite accompanist for many of UK’s and Europe’s greatest artists. Sandyman regularly accompanies artists from Bollywood and Bangladesh.
Rise Kagona and the Jit Jive Band
jit Jive band.jpgRise Kagona, guitar hero on two continent

The BBC’s Andy Kershaw sites him as having changed his life, and the late John Peel famously broke down in tears the first time he saw The Bhundu Boys perform live.

Back home in Zimbabwe, Rise is attributed with starting a whole new guitar genre, called Jiti, and his band, The Bhundu Boys, topped the Zimbabwe charts countless times.  In the 1980’s and 1990’s, the band toured the world extensively, and everywhere they went, people danced to their infectious Jiti music.

The Desi Bravehearts

desi bravehearts.jpg paint.png

The Desi Bravehearts, Glasgow

The Desi Bravehearts are a unique Scottish based dance group who specialise in Bollywood/fusion dancing, trained intensively by Mumbai-based choreographer Pratap Shetty. As for the Bravehearts, we currently consist of women and men of Scottish, Indian, Pakistani, Greek, German, Malaysian and Chinese backgrounds. With this cultural diversity emerges a wide range of dancing styles among us such as belly, scottish, Rn’B, hip-hop, Greek and Indian dance types such as Bhangra, Bangladeshi and Kathak, which only adds to the flava of our fusion dances.
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The Aberdeen Bhangra Crew

Bhangra crewBhangra is an energetic, vibrant and glorious dance from Punjab, Northern India and is accompanied by energetic singing and drum beating. The dance Bhangra has evolved and fused with other genres of music such as hip hop, disco, reggae and techno.
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The Melting Pot Collective

melting potThe Melting Pot Collective is a band of multicultural fusion. Diverse and dynamic, they bring people together from all different cultures and backgrounds
Based in and around Aberdeen, from live performances to practices and also session jams.
We are strong believers in there being strength in diversity and we make this factual with our strong performances with a dynamic group of sounds and skills displayed in our music technique.

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Kalasangam Aberdeen

kalasangamKalaSangam Aberdeen is a school of performing arts providing training on Indian Classical Dance, Kathak, Art and North Indian Classical Vocal.

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Dynamik Praise
dynamik priaseIntroducing a group of girls from the North-east who just love to sing! They use this passion and their God given talents to minister to others and to spread good vibes. Dynamik Praise consists of Debbie, Felicia, Vicky, Emma and Tobi.
Keep an eye out on their channel and other social media sites to learn a bit more about them, what they do, and last but not least, to enjoy some tunes and feel good music.

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BwD Big Band

Led by experienced Jazzer Paul Rigby, The Blackburn with Darwen (BwD) Big Band is a modern youthful twist on the big band tradition. Aiming to bring the big band sound to the masses, with repertoire ranging from Miller to Mars… They’re a band for all ages!
The BwD Big Band is stuffed full of young talent, including a fantastic female vocalist.
We have a truly broad repertoire from swing/jazz through to latin/funk including some hits of recent years, so we cannot fail to please, and get the dance floor jiving.
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ACE Voices

Ace VoicesTheir core mission involves empowering people to believe in their voice by facilitating trans formative community spaces in which people feel empowered to let their own voice flow freely, purposefully and confidently, support others to do the same.
They believe that each and every person has a unique voice worth hearing, and that our voices encompass our whole sense of expression whether through singing, dance, storytelling, drumming, drawing, free-play, being outdoors, sports, the arts or any other medium of expression. 

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The Sound of Many Waters
sound of many watersThe Sound of Many Waters is a newly registered evangelical charity organisation in Scotland, United Kingdom. With a vision to promote the re-discovery of God’s voice in Scotland through music, dance, theatre & the arts.

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Ron Bird Drummers/Guarana Street Band

guarana street bandDescribed as “Whacky, Fun and Unmissable” you can find us and hear us, bouncing around regularly at festivals, galas, and community events in and around Aberdeen & North East Scotland, or just busking at St Nicholas Band Stand. We have also participated in events throughout Scotland, England and Northern Ireland.

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This small and friendly community group of drummers, some who have been playing for years and others who are new to the scene.

The rhythms they work on are from West Africa, incorporating rhythms from the Manding tradition and also from Casamance, with some other non-traditional bits and bobs thrown in.

To the best of their ability, they will share some cultural understanding of the rhythms they play and try to inspire their students to broaden their studies by attending workshops with some of the wonderful teachers we have available to us here in the UK such as Iya Sako, Seckou Keita, Mocoulou Sawane, Hans Sutton, and many other fantastic teachers worldwide.